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Tea Room Koan

In April of 2013, The Kitano Museum of Art celebrated its 45th anniversary, and for the opening of the Tea Room Koan, the head monk of Zenkoji Daihongan, Seigyoku Takatsukasa bestowed a calligraphic nameplate for the occasion.
This tea room is can be used by all schools of tea ceremony, from masters to less formal occasions. Experience traditional Japanese arts such as tea ceremony up close as you reflect on your good fortune and ponder the kare sansui, or dry landscape rock garden.


Japanese Garden

Dry seascape garden
One of the most respected names in Japanese gardens, Mirei Shigemori, designed this dry landscape garden as a seascape. The meandering periphery of this square-shaped garden is covered with a reddish rock called Kurumaishi. Greenish pebbles are distributed along wavy lines of the design, with other greenish columnar rocks forming crosshatch patches.

Construction completed mid-June, 1965
Garden completed on September 20, 1965
Garden Designer: Mirei Shigemori

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